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#1 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2015-10-11 15:38:42
As you can see our service is open to translate to multiple native languages.
Currently we support 14 most known languages of the world.
Most of them submitted by customers and we cannot translate it ourselves without mistakes.

So we made instrument for you to make service better for you.
Currently you can translate interface to:
EN: English (from base Russian)
UA: Ukrainian (...)
DE: German (from base English)
ES: Spanish
FR: French
IT: Italian (will be deprecated if no progress)
PL: Polish
PT: Portugal
CN: Chinese (will be deprecated if no progress)
HU: Hungarian
RO: Romanian (will be deprecated if no progress)
RS: Serbian (Cyrillics)
TR: Turkish (will be deprecated if no progress)

--- added but much incomplete. may be deprecated if no progress.
SL: Sinhala (Sri lanka)
IR: Persian Farsi (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait)

Please BEFORE TRANSLATING, check CURRENT language sheet.
It Is easy to see which language do you translate. There's key titles on every sentence:
KEY: - key of the sentence for internal use;
EN: - basic language from which you translating in; (Maybe RU or EN)
IR (current): current version of the sentence on current language (may be any of the supported codes)
IR (new): new proposed translation of the sentence.
#2 Jamestsrm [ 15 0 ] : 2018-01-24 17:37:23
Kostantin, I had translate all italian language.
#3 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2018-01-24 17:40:06
#11630 Jamestsrm [ 15 0 ]
Kostantin, I had translate all italian language.
Thanks, yesterday I confirmed changes
Hope it looks better now:)
#4 Oldestguru [ 1 0 ] : 2018-01-30 00:24:59
How can I add a new language (Danish) and translate everything in it?
#5 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2018-01-30 10:09:38
#11707 Oldestguru [ 1 0 ]
How can I add a new language (Danish) and translate everything in it?

If you really want to translate complete set, then i can add danish too
#6 ArthurNicolae [ 1 0 ] : 2018-01-30 12:21:24
Romanian language updated.
#7 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2018-01-30 21:08:15
#11711 ArthurNicolae [ 1 0 ]
Romanian language updated.
Thank you!
update confirmed
#8 Shorty [ 1 0 ] : 2019-04-07 06:22:14
Hi Konstantin, 

before I start, I firstly want to mention that I really like your service that you have build! :) I
have discovered TIO (Trackitonline) first time in 2014, and also joined this community. 
From that time I placed over 400 orders on Aliexpress and read even more status messages from many services and delivery carriers. 
But also from that time I had to notice that there was no full translation to the german language. And if there were some, in most cases they were read with wrong grammatic and spelling. In many places also ancient words or wrong words (because of possible double meanings) are placed, so in some cases the translation sounds a litte bit strange. ^^
By time I could also notice that many translations were updated, but the amount of correct updated/corrected strings are unfortunately margial.
But I'm not judging websites by their texts only, but furthermore on their content they offer to me. And on this point TIO is just royally.
TIO will collect all available status messages to the entered tracking no, where also status / messages are shown, that I could never get on any other offer. Hats off! cut a long story short:
I personally could imagine a full serious translated website will give your service more acceptance in german speaking areas for sure. :)
I would like to help you on translating the strings to german language. German is my native language and english language is the only language when Im into the office.
If not already included in this feature, I would also translate any non-service-relevat string on TIO. Like 'About us'-, 'Contact'- or 'FAQ'-Pages. 
- However, when I'm done the german translation will be a full (re)translate of any string. Because of passion and experience and german native speaking translator you can count on clean german translations - But its also in my interests.

I dont want roses, chocolate or even money.
What I would most appreciate would be a thankful mention of my work in a suitable place on your website, with real name and website.
I will refer to TIO as well for sure.

Is this in your hands? 

#9 Pedala94 [ 0 0 ] : 2020-04-25 02:58:16

I updated translations for the romanian interface. I left out some stuff which had no text or i was unsure of due to lack of context. At one point i got very tired and mightve translated some html tags by accident.. hope i didnt mess anything up ! 

Some terms like "status", "track and trace" i copied directly since there is no proper translation to romanian, and english nomenclature is widely adopted anyway when it comes to postal stuff.

I have found that google translate got very very well at translating into romanian. And now some sleep finally.
#10 rummar [ 1 0 ] : 2020-05-28 13:27:04
Hello! I would like translate the service into Bulgarian. Wish you add it to language lists to begin?
#11 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2020-05-28 14:27:45
In case you wish really to do it, then sure i can expand it. 

Prviously i've asked customers about it, and most told they understand english or even russian 
#12 rummar [ 1 0 ] : 2020-05-29 12:00:24
Yes, I'll do it. I am understand both English and Russian, but it's better to work in your own language!
#13 Lupus52 [ 0 0 ] : 2020-12-10 11:21:20
Hello, I would like to help to correct some wrong text in german status-messages.

For example: (
The message is " Die Sendung wurde abgeholt ()" - it means "The shipment was picked up"

This is wrong!

When I move the mousepointer onto this text then a mousovertextbox opens with the correct text! "Die Sendung wurde vom Absender in die PACKSTATION eingeliefert" This is the correct DHL-Message and means: "The consignment was delivered to the PACKSTATION by the sender"

This is the correct message from DHL.

But _trackit_ "translates" this wrong  to " Die Sendung wurde abgeholt"

I see now, that you have got the correct info from DHL. And somebody translated this to the wrong text.

Trackit should use the original message got from DHL(Germany) in this case when showing to a german user.

I want to help to translate or show the correct text.
But what is the best way?
I found ""

But this way is too laborious. My suggestion: Place a button behind the shown text with label: "Correct message" for example. Then open a dialog to do it. You can limit this option to special-registered users. Show the text you got from the transport-company, show the actually "translation"  and open a selection to use the originally message or to enter a new language-specific translation.

Just a little error:
Your status shows the time 2 hours later than it is really. The DHL-Box shows "09.12.2020, 18:14". But your page shows "09.12.2020 20:14"

Best regards
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